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Jaz Poco Zorro x Chisums Starbert Ty

2022 100% NFQHA, AQHA Filly


5 panel clean

Rare 100% NFQHA Buckskin.  "Honi" (Honey) creates an exciting and unique cross between solid working foundation cow horse lines, Harlan and Poco Bueno. Foremost, these two famous sires are known for throwing their easy, unequalled temperaments, trainability and rideability as well as their superior cow sense. Harlan horses are particularly good at roping events whereas Poco Horses tend to excel in ranch versatility.  Our educated guess produced a knockout Bulldog filly!

Intelligence.   This golden Honi makes a great first impression. Type, conformation, sticky sweet temperament...she has it all.  Observation over time reveals a startling intelligence, one of advanced problem-solving and anticipation of cause and effect. We are super excited about the prospect of Honi's ranching abilities. We have the trainers lined up ready to explore her many talents!

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