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Jack Silver Dust x Smokin To Impress TL

2018 89% NFQHA AQHA, IBHA Mare 

EE aa DD Homozygous Black and Dun, Platinum Grulla

5 panel clean

Bulldog Type and Temperament. We wished on a shooting star and got Cerulean Stardust. Fondly knicknamed Tinker, short for Tinkerbell, this baby girl has the WOW Factor. Tinker is built like a brick house. Presence, stunning to the eyes and type that won't quit. This little pixie is friendly to the core. She gives the sweetest kisses...oh and how she loves her massages. Tinker was born halter broke and politely picks up all fours when asked. We plan to pursue western pleasure with her, calm and gentle way of going, although she'd be equally suited for any ranching discipline.

Loud Dun Factor. Beauty is more than skin deep; it's in the genes. Tinker is an absolutely gorgeous, rare "Platinum" grulla that grabs attention and won't let go. We won the lottery twice with this one; she's homozygous Black AND homozygous Dun, resulting in a grulla every time when bred to a black or grulla stallion. Her color, type and temperament are the trend setters, the ultimate in grulla breeding. We are tickled, well, Tink!

In 2022
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