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Cerulean Espresso De Ole

2023 Ameritano Colt

Bright Bay, E? Aa

Jaz Poco Zorro, 100% NFQHA Bulldog X

Ole De Halconero, Lusitano

2023 Cerulean Espresso De Ole, Ameritano

Espresso is a rare commodity. Most Ameritanos are out of NFQHA mares and by Lusitano stallions. This outstanding Ameritano colt is out of our World-Class bred Lusitano mare and by our exceptional Bulldog Stallion, Jaz Poco Zorro, 100% NFQHA. Breeding our best to our best, this combo is a hands-down winner. We believe Espresso will stand above the competition in any ranching discipline, Doma Vaquera, Dressage, Jumping and Eventing. Looking for one horse to do it all? Espresso is your man!


Espresso is out of our crowned jewel, Ole de Halconero, one of the few "Hawk" daughters. Ole's sire is an awe-inspiring talent, the Legendary Revised Black Lusitano Stallion, Halconero. Halconero, or Falconer in Portuguese, is 98% Veiga blood with many crosses to the renowned Veiga stallion, Ribatejo. Halconero's acclaimed Military bloodlines explode with brillant performances in Bull Fighting, Grand Prix Show Jumping and High Level Dressage. We chose this Mega-Talent to built our Foundation Iberian Horse Program. Ole's exquisite dam, XPrima Donna CD, is a princess in a long line of royalty. Ole's granddaddy is the King of Dressage in Brazil, Quarteto do Top, who is himself the son of the King of Kings, Afiancado de Flandes.

Espresso's sire, Jaz Poco Zorro, 100% NFQHA, needs no introduction. The National Foundation Quarter Horse is the unaltered original Quarter Horse that settled the American West. The American Bulldog Quarter Horse worked rigorous endless days on rugged terrain sprinting to sort and pen cattle, rope, herd and pack. The breed is prized for fierce bravery, cow-sense, intelligence, hardiness, superior athleticism and unequalled calm temperament. The NRHA, ARHA and NCHA have modeled modern AQHA-recognized ranch horse show classes after daily ranch life of the American Bulldog Quarter Horse.

Cerulean Farm's NFQHA bulldog stallion solidifies Bulldog type, ample bone, strong, roomy hooves, world-class bloodlines and a 10+ temperament. His exceptionally balanced conformation, deep haunches, well-angled shoulder and hind limbs produce dressage-like movement, elasticity and superior athleticism/versatility. He competed successfully in team penning and team sorting. Zorro's pedigree is highly regarded some of the best of Poco Bueno, King, Beaver Creek and the great NFQHA producer, Little Steel Dust. Most importantly, Zorro is out of arguably the greatest Foundation broodmare of all time, Bains Showdown Dun.

Espresso is already proving his speed, cat-like movement and rate. He has the agility and speed of the best cutting horses. Espresso's solid conformation is exceptionally balanced with correct limbs, fantastic hind leg and shoulder angles. He is well-muscled, yet very light on his feet. Curious, intelligent, sensible mind. Should mature to 15+ hands. ~SOLD~

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