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25 years of


Home of the Legendary Jaz Poco Zorro, 100% NFQHA


​Cerulean Foundation Quarter Horse Farm preserves authentic breed type, attributes and primitive colors distinct to original American Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horses. Cerulean Farm solidifies Bulldog build, correct legs, ample bone, strong, roomy hooves, world-class bloodlines, superior athleticism/versatility and the most exceptional temperaments.

Whether your pursuit is in Ranching, Reining, Team Penning, Team Sorting, Heading/Heeling, Western Dressage, Hunters, Fox Hunting, Mounted Archery, Endurance or Trail riding, Cerulean Farm has the perfect equine partner for you. All of our horses are extremely athletic, in-your-lap-friendly and suitable to excel in any discipline. Consider our top prospects, breed your mare to one of our outstanding stallions or design your custom foal from one of our select mares. We make the process easy. Cerulean Farm serves as an Ambassador Farm for Bulldog Foundation Horses from America. Plan a visit and stay at our inviting Bed and Breakfast!

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Combining World-Class


King, Hollywood At Dawn, Poco Bueno, Harlan

Collins Jesse and Cutter Bill

This colt shows the outcome of thoughtful...outstanding breeding. Thank you for being a responsible lover. Thank you for being so selective.  Thank you for sharing your journey.

Wendy, Friend of Cerulean Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horses on Facebook


(Of Jaz Poco Zorro Stallion...) Wow, he's fabulous, looks like they broke the mold after he was foaled!

Jenny, Friend of Cerulean Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horses on Facebook

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